How It Works, and Who Uses It

We're Crowd Lending, Inc., Boston's leading hard money lender, and our top priority is to help you secure financing for your next real estate project fast.

What We Do

Need capital now? You're in the right place.

We use an asset-based lending philosophy, meaning loans are issued based on the property value. Our focus is to provide efficient and effective financing options to support your real estate projects.

Our unique process allows us to close deals quickly, and without any hassle, putting money in your hands faster than a traditional lender.

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Our Simplified Process

At Crowd Lending, Inc., we make securing capital easy. Our team pays careful attention to detail, guiding you from start to finish.

In today's real estate world, waiting months, weeks, or even days for loans or funding approvals is not an option. Our streamlined, four-step process is designed to expedite transactions with ease.

  1. Application: You submit your application.
  2. Term Sheet/Deposit: We issue a preliminary term sheet outlining the proposed loan terms, and you submit your deposit.
  3. Underwriting: Our experienced team vets your deal, focusing on the property's value rather than rigid credit criteria.
  4. Closing: Once approved, we close the loan and release the funds promptly, often within ten business days from the term sheet.

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Benefits of Working with Us

Speed: Say goodbye to lengthy approval times. With Crowd Lending, Inc., you gain quick access to capital, a crucial benefit for time-sensitive transactions.

Flexibility: We prioritize the property's value over traditional credit metrics, making us more open to unconventional income sources and imperfect credit histories.

Short-Term Financing: Our lending platform is ideal for investors needing funds for property purchases, renovations, or flips. Our short-term loans bridge the gap during real estate projects.

Non-Traditional Properties: Whether it's distressed, unconventional, or niche properties, we specialize in financing opportunities that traditional lenders may not fully appreciate or accommodate.

Minimal Red Tape: Unlike banks and other traditional lenders, we operate with less bureaucratic red tape. As a small company, we may operate with less institutional red tape, simplifying the borrowing process for our customers.

Why Choose Crowd Lending?

Our commitment to fast financing and personalized solutions sets us apart.

Founded by seasoned real estate professionals, our team guides you through the entire loan process, ensuring success and efficiency. We are dedicated to providing a seamless experience, empowering you to achieve your real estate goals with confidence.

Discover the Crowd Lending advantage today and unlock a world of quick, flexible, and tailored financing solutions for your next real estate venture. Let's build your success together.

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